Aa Saint-Omer Golf Club

Aa; now that’s hilly!


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Some way from the coast but very close to the Channel Tunnel, the Saint-Omer club has been involved in the world of sport for a quarter of a century, hosting a number of professional tournaments. At the heart of a top-class resort, players can hope to rise to this technical challenge while enjoying the quality of a natural course that stretches out over the beautiful Aa Valley.. 

It was as clear as Arques crystal. A member of the founding family of the famous glassworks, Jean-Jacques Durand always wanted his golf course to be completely natural. From the outset, in the mid-1980s, the course was designed to fit in with the undulating terrain, while at the same time providing a wealth of varied and technical holes. At Saint-Omer, you get what you pay for, and not just when it comes to local beer! Sloping holes, several blind holes, rolling greens, uphill and downhill slopes, three water hazards, numerous species of trees lining the fairways… golfers have to rely on their technical and physical skills to get the most out of the Val, this 18-hole course that even the pros have been trying to master for over twenty years.

An event staged on various tours in Europe, including the former European Tour, for ten years from 2003 to 2013, the Saint-Omer Open has seen many of today’s stars make their debuts. In order to host such events, the maintenance teams are used to keeping the course in perfect condition. As a result, the club has developed into a world-class resort in record time. Opened in 1990, it now ranks among the most competitive clubs in France, achieving a degree of renown that others have taken much longer to acquire. With good practice facilities and a proper 9-hole course at La Haute Drève, a very flat layout (phew!) that deserves to be explored, this Artois club also caters for beginners and less experienced golfers.

For those who are more experienced, the golfing challenge is clear. From the 2nd, a very long downhill par 3, and the 3rd, the most difficult overhanging par 4, it’s clear that you’re going to have to play the slopes with great technical accuracy, while hoping for the right bounce from the ball, which can be quite fickle. This factor, which is similar to that of British links courses, is even more important in summer. Fully committed to maintaining the course through a policy of sustainable water use (without even thinking about using pesticides), the fairways harden and turn golden when there is a dry spell. The greens, on the other hand, remain permanently lush green. At the forefront of ecological issues, the courses offer magnificent contrasts of colour that will have environmentally conscious golfers in raptures.

However, and this is the key point, the game remains unaffected. Iron shots are of prime importance, with a number of beautiful greens, and not just on the par 3s! Sometimes nestling around oak, beech or maple trees, with or without overhangs, the greens may be vast but they’re never completely flat.. An extra layer of difficulty… While from the back tees, the course is 6,326 metres long, the average golfer, who makes up the majority of the clientele, can tee off from closer in, play less aggressively and enjoy the different panoramas of the valley at their leisure. On the terrace, which overlooks a large part of the site, they will be able to look back with pride on having played it.

Golf rates

January – February – March – November – December

Monday to Friday : € 39
Weekends and bank holidays : € 49

Monday to Friday : € 25
Weekends and bank holidays : € 25

April – October

Monday to Friday : € 59
Weekends and bank holidays : € 69

Monday to Friday : € 32
Weekends and bank holidays : € 32

May – June – July – August – September

Monday to Friday : € 72
Weekends and bank holidays : € 82

Monday to Friday : € 36
Weekends and bank holidays : € 36

Aa St Omer Golf Club

Golf address

Chemin des Bois Acquin-Westbecourt
62380 Lumbres