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Nature hits you for 6!


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Located on a remarkable conservation site in the Baie de Somme, the Eco Domaine de Belle Dune combines all the qualities of a golf course with a rare diversity of play and stunning natural surroundings. With its impressive par 6 15th and other memorable holes, its uniqueness has made it a leading destination, appreciated by international players and the French alike, who have ranked it among their favourite golf courses.

If you had to choose, the Eco Domaine de Belle Dune is the perfect illustration of the excellence and extreme diversity of courses on the Côte d’Opale. This is no mean feat for a single eighteen-hole course created not so long ago, in 1993. Natural and affordable, exotic and welcoming, forested and coastal, undulating and flat, technical and… more technical, these are just some of the sometimes conflicting adjectives that characterise this course, which is one of the most popular in France.

It was a major challenge when, in the mid-1980s, the Syndicat Mixte Baie de Somme – Grand Littoral Picard Association set out to create a public golf course and adjacent housing to boost local tourism between the seaside towns of Quend and Fort-Mahon-Plage. Apart from holes 11, 16 and 18, which are more reminiscent of Florida resorts, this is by no means a residential estate golf course – quite the contrary! A natural spirit reigns on this site, which is becoming one of the leading eco-responsible golf courses, adopting, among other measures, the sustainable use of reclaimed and recycled water.

Set in a paradise for migratory birds, in the dunes of the Parc du Marquenterre, the course has one absolute priority: to preserve its biodiversity. This is why the course has been laid out with minimal human intervention, as in the pioneering days when landscape governed the design of each hole. Extraordinary in its variety, the result nevertheless leaves the impression of a formidable consistency, that of playing in a wild environment where the flora and fauna are certainly not simply a peripheral backdrop to the game.

Trees, especially pines, greet golfers over the first third of the course, before giving way, from hole 8 onwards, to shrubland reminiscent of a links course. On a few holes between the dunes, the change of scenery is radical, as if in a snap of the fingers you’re entering a new world of golf. Depending on the wind direction, you can hear the roar of the waves: the sea isn’t far away! At the 14th, you find yourself back in the forest as a little foretaste of the 15th, a 605-metre dogleg left bordered by majestic pine trees: now you’re in the middle of Scandinavia and possibly even Canada!

Golfers may sometimes journey across the globe, but they are above all emotional travellers, no matter how small those emotions may be: making a beautiful drive in the middle of narrow fairways, using the wind to bring the ball back to the desired spot (quite rare, I must admit!), walking with your heart racing to find your ball again, playing a perfect chip shot or rescuing a respectable score with the help of your putter… At the Eco Domaine de Belle Dune, all these little moments come together to form one great feeling of joy, made all the more sublime by the diverse and precious natural surroundings.

Golf rates

from 02 November to 31 March and from 04 November to 31st December

From Monday to Thursday : € 55
From Friday to Sunday : € 65

From Monday to Thursday : € 70
Weekends and bank holidays  : € 85

from 01 April to 03 Novembre

From Monday to Thursday : € 75
From Friday to Sunday : € 85

From Monday to Thursday : € 105
Weekends and bank holidays : € 120

Belle Dune Golf Club

Golf address

Promenade du Marquenterre
80120 Fort-Mahon Plage