Wimereux Golf Club

Now that’s a links!


25 Tees (10 covered)

Putting green

Location de golfettes

Club house

restaurant, pro shop, changing room

One of the only true links courses in France, the century-old Wimereux golf course is a welcoming haven in the heart of the Côte d’Opale and is becoming increasingly popular with golfers. Attracted by a course shaped by time and the wind, they seek the special challenge of a good old-fashioned game, where the shots they take on the course’s sandy soil create lasting memories.

That’s true golf! There’s no escaping it: for orthodox golfers, the game is only really at its best on a links course, where it was born. Just like in a bunker, however, it is important to be open-minded, and to remember that for any golfer not playing a links course is tantamount to not having dessert. Some would even go as far as to say that it’s the main course, given the battle waged against the winds… But at Wimereux, it’s a double helping: not only is this a true links course, but you can also enjoy hearty, tasty food in the clubhouse. Not to mention the friendly atmosphere!

Accustomed to playing courses of this kind, the British, Belgians and Dutch are regulars at this club, which was founded in 1901. Do they come so that their swing doesn’t feel too out of place? No, like the local players, they simply come to enjoy an invigorating experience based on the game in a typically Scottish environment, with plenty of local touches. A few trees sometimes line the fairways, there’s a stretch of water defending the 18th green and even a wetland nature reserve – along holes 2 and 3 – where the flora and fauna are a reminder that, first and foremost, this is the Pas-de-Calais after all!

Shaped by history, this landscape has undergone many upheavals, particularly during the two world wars. These scars have inevitably shaped the course, and yesterday’s ruins are today’s assets, as in the use of former German blockhouses (the term “bunker” has already been coined!) that serve as elevated tees on holes 13 and 17. Here, like a conqueror of the greens, you can admire battles past and future on holes that are invariably dotted with pot-bunkers and bordered in season by breathtakingly beautiful stretches of rough…

Like any self-respecting links course, the wind is a major factor throughout every round, especially as there are no tall dunes here to provide shelter. And what a challenge it is… From hole 4 to 7, it really is a sight to behold, and not just because of the magnificent view over the English Channel! The golfer’s eyes get a liberal soaking from the sea spray and are then dried out by the sand traps leading to inevitably shorter shot lengths, but anyone who plays here always ends up dripping with emotion after such an epic experience!

Golf rates

from 01 January to 04 April and from 14 October to 31 December

Midweek : € 55
Weekends & bank holidays : € 60

Midweek : € 29
Weekends & bank holidays : € 32

from 05 April to 13 October

Midweek : € 75
Weekends & bank holidays : € 85

Midweek : € 44
Weekends & bank holidays : € 50

Wimereux Golf Club

Golf address

Avenue François Mitterand
62930 Wimereux